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B+ M8
No. mounting holes 2
Teeth 11
Position (o)
Power (kW)
Rotation CW
Spigot (mm) 778
Voltage 12

Alternative items


PSH Code Remark In stock

Product Applications


Make Model Build From Build until
OPEL Vectra

Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
F042S01057 Bosch
F042001057 Bosch
F032US0051 Bosch
F032US0051K2G Bosch
SR135X Bosch (USA)
0986018330 Bosch ruil
0986018331 Bosch ruil
0986UR1070 Bosch ruil
8971502040 Isuzu
8971502042 Isuzu
8971502041 Isuzu
MSR2002 Magneti Marelli
MSR1142 Magneti Marelli
AZD3517 Mahle
11139317 Mahle
72735756 Mahle
AZE2130 Mahle
MS128 Mahle
IS9317 Mahle
11139409 Mahle
1202963 Opel
97150204 Opel
9512152 Opel
90371773 Opel
1202157 Opel
09163638 Opel
09512152 Opel
101833RT RNL
RNLS114808 RNL
H648250C Valeo
455940 Valeo
TM000A31501 Valeo
726116 Valeo
438178 Valeo
VS496 Valeo
R1040031 Vauxhall
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