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B+ M8
No. mounting holes 2
Teeth 10
Position (o)
Power (kW)
Rotation CW
Spigot (mm) 770
Voltage 12

Alternative items


PSH Code Remark In stock
150.503.132 Starter Mitsubishi 2.2 kw In Stock
150.508.102 Starter Mitsubishi 2.0 kw In Stock
150.511.102 Starter Mitsubishi 2.2 kw In Stock

Product Applications


Make Model Build From Build until
MITSUBISHI Chariot 1/1992 12/1997
MITSUBISHI Galant 11/1992 9/1996
HYUNDAI Galloper 11/1997 6/2003
HYUNDAI H1 10/1997 8/2007
HYUNDAI H100 7/1993 12/1994
HYUNDAI H100 AU Truck 4/1996 10/2001
HYUNDAI H200 10/1997 10/2005
MITSUBISHI Lancer 8/1993 8/1995
MITSUBISHI Lancer Estate/Wagon 6/1992 8/2003
MITSUBISHI Montero 3/1991 4/2000
MITSUBISHI Pajero 12/1990 10/1999
HYUNDAI Satellite 10/1997 10/2005
MITSUBISHI Shogun 3/1991 4/2000
MITSUBISHI Space Runner 6/1991 9/1999
MITSUBISHI Space Wagon 10/1991 10/1998
HYUNDAI Starex 10/1997 8/2007

Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
F042202516 Bosch
F042S0H029 Bosch
0986014131 Bosch ruil
0986014140 Bosch ruil
943203441010 Magneti Marelli
MSR1077 Magneti Marelli
MSN2623 Magneti Marelli
MSR1071 Magneti Marelli
MSR394 Magneti Marelli
MSR440 Magneti Marelli
MSR909 Magneti Marelli
MG120413 Mahle
M2T62771 Mitsubishi
M002T51685 Mitsubishi
M002T56132 Mitsubishi
M002T5618 Mitsubishi
M002T57271 Mitsubishi
M002T57771 Mitsubishi
MD061154 Mitsubishi
MD069166 Mitsubishi
MD084414 Mitsubishi
MD164975 Mitsubishi
MD191435 Mitsubishi
M2T56171 Mitsubishi
M2T56182 Mitsubishi
M002T56182 Mitsubishi
M2T56181 Mitsubishi
M002T56181 Mitsubishi
M2T60172 Mitsubishi
M2T60185 Mitsubishi
M2T61171 Mitsubishi
M002T60172 Mitsubishi
M002T60185 Mitsubishi
M002T62771 Mitsubishi
M002T61171 Mitsubishi
MD164978R Mitsubishi
M2T57271 Mitsubishi
M2T57771 Mitsubishi
M2T62971 Mitsubishi
MD070934 Mitsubishi
MD156986 Mitsubishi
MD162975 Mitsubishi
MD191433 Mitsubishi
M002T56171 Mitsubishi
M002T57273 Mitsubishi
M2T57273 Mitsubishi
20513019 Prestolite
455905 Valeo
438123 Valeo
600219 Valeo
726102 Valeo
572200 Valeo
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