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B+ M8
No. mounting holes 2
Teeth 8
Position (o)
Power (kW)
Rotation CW
Spigot (mm) 657
Voltage 12

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PSH Code Remark In stock

Product Applications


Make Model Build From Build until
SUZUKI Grand Escudo
SUZUKI Grand Vitara
SUZUKI Grand Vitara XL-7

Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
F042S01100 Bosch
F042001100 Bosch
BXM021N Bosch (USA)
SR4507X Bosch (USA)
0986UR1445 Bosch ruil
0986020501 Bosch ruil
K04606875AC Chrysler
600000172030 Magneti Marelli
ISJ0024 Mahle
M000T85881 Mitsubishi
M0T85681 Mitsubishi
M1T76481 Mitsubishi
M1T79581 Mitsubishi
M000T85681 Mitsubishi
M001T76481 Mitsubishi
M001T79581 Mitsubishi
M001T86181 Mitsubishi
M001T49581 Mitsubishi
M1T86182 Mitsubishi
M1T86181 Mitsubishi
M0T85881 Mitsubishi
M1T49581 Mitsubishi
M001T86182 Mitsubishi
M000T85681ZC Mitsubishi
M001T86182ZC Mitsubishi
M1T86182ZC Mitsubishi
3110067D10 Suzuki
3100077E20 Suzuki
3100077E22 Suzuki
3110065DA0 Suzuki
3110065DB0000 Suzuki
3110077E1 Suzuki
3110077E20 Suzuki
3110077E10 Suzuki
3110077E11 Suzuki
3110077E22 Suzuki
3110067D20 Suzuki
1A5018400 Suzuki
3110077E10000 Suzuki
3110077E11000 Suzuki
3110077E20000 Suzuki
3110065DAO Suzuki
458577 Valeo
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