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Amperage 90
B+ M6
Free wheel pulley no
Grooves 4
Mounting holes 3
Position (o) 20
Pulley (mm) 65.1
Voltage 12

Alternative items


PSH Code Remark In stock
155.507.075 Alternator Mitsubishi 75A Out of Stock

Product Applications


Make Model Build From Build until
KIA Joice

Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
F042303013 Bosch
AL4037X Bosch (USA)
AL4008N Bosch (USA)
AL4008X Bosch (USA)
BXM1208 Bosch (USA)
0986049900 Bosch ruil
0986CR0126 Bosch ruil
0986UN0094 Bosch ruil
0986UR0126 Bosch ruil
0986AN0508 Bosch ruil
0986CR0094 Bosch ruil
0986UR0094 Bosch ruil
3730033100 Kia
3730033101 Kia
3730033103 Kia
3730032800 Kia
IAJ0017 Mahle
A3T45694 Mitsubishi
A3T45691 Mitsubishi
MD149750 Mitsubishi
MD153357 Mitsubishi
A003T45693 Mitsubishi
A003T45694 Mitsubishi
A003T45691 Mitsubishi
A3T45693ZC Mitsubishi
A3T45693 Mitsubishi
MD153843 Mitsubishi
A003T45693ZC Mitsubishi
MD114970 Mitsubishi
MD153843R Mitsubishi
3730033103R RNL
3730033103RT RNL
436610 Valeo
TA000A19501 Valeo
600039 Valeo
600041 Valeo
600046 Valeo
AB190072 Valeo
582798 Valeo
439415 Valeo
A000B0441 Valeo
AB190025 Valeo
AB190119 Valeo
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