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B+ M8
No. mounting holes 3
Teeth 9
Position (o)
Power (kW)
Rotation CW
Spigot (mm) 761
Voltage 12

Alternative items


PSH Code Remark In stock
210.510.093 Starter BMW 1.4 kw In Stock
210.518.093 Starter BMW 1.4 kw In Stock

Product Applications


Make Model Build From Build until
BMW 316i
BMW 316i Compact
BMW 316i Coupe
BMW 316i Touring
BMW 318i
BMW 318i Cabrio
BMW 318i Compact
BMW 318i Coupe
BMW 318i Touring
BMW 320i
BMW 320i Cabrio
BMW 320i Coupe
BMW 320i Touring
BMW 323i
BMW 323i Cabrio
BMW 323i Compact
BMW 323i Coupe
BMW 323i Touring
BMW 325i
BMW 325i Cabrio
BMW 325i Compact
BMW 325i Coupe
BMW 325i Touring
BMW 328i
BMW 328i Cabrio
BMW 328i Coupe
BMW 328i Touring
BMW 330i
BMW 330i Cabrio
BMW 330i Coupe
BMW 330i Touring
BMW 520i
BMW 520i Touring
BMW 523i
BMW 523i Touring
BMW 525i
BMW 525i Touring
BMW 528i
BMW 528i Touring
BMW 530i
BMW 530i Touring
BMW 728i
BMW 730i
BMW Z3 Cabrio
BMW Z3 Coupe
BMW Z4 Cabrio

Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
12412354693 BMW
7515392 BMW
7519532 BMW
12417519535 BMW
12411712937 BMW
1241170374 BMW
12417515390 BMW
12411354823 BMW
12411740374 BMW
12417578684 BMW
12411712939 BMW
12412167996 BMW
12412344242 BMW
12412344247 BMW
751539002 BMW
751539003 BMW
751539203 BMW
751539204 BMW
12412179001 BMW
1241751392 BMW
12417515396 BMW
2354693 BMW
2354709 BMW
12411740375 BMW
12417515391 BMW
12417515392 BMW
12412354709 BMW
1740379 BMW
1241751539002 BMW
1241751539203 BMW
1712937 BMW
1740373 BMW
1740375 BMW
7501668 BMW
7501738 BMW
0001108401 Bosch
1986S00674 Bosch
0001108157 Bosch
1986S00008 Bosch
0001107442 Bosch
0001107443 Bosch
0001111498 Bosch
SR0448N Bosch (USA)
SR0448X Bosch (USA)
SR9507X Bosch (USA)
0986017117 Bosch ruil
0986017110 Bosch ruil
0986UR1524 Bosch ruil
0986017111 Bosch ruil
4280000670 Denso
4280000671 Denso
4280000672 Denso
7515390 Fiat
7515391 Fiat
63111006010 Magneti Marelli
63223537010 Magneti Marelli
63280070010 Magneti Marelli
63293537010 Magneti Marelli
943293537010 Magneti Marelli
63223537 Magneti Marelli
0763293537 Magneti Marelli
63293537 Magneti Marelli
063223537 Magneti Marelli
063293537 Magneti Marelli
63111006 Magneti Marelli
MSN2019 Magneti Marelli
MSN642 Magneti Marelli
MSR1170 Magneti Marelli
63280070 Magneti Marelli
IS9308 Mahle
11139430 Mahle
MS55 Mahle
AZE2122 Mahle
11139308 Mahle
RNL4280000670 RNL
458460 Valeo
649343 Valeo
438420 Valeo
438456 Valeo
726832 Valeo
D6RA308 Valeo
726032 Valeo
VS437 Valeo
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