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Amperage 105
B+ M8
Free wheel pulley yes
Grooves 7
Mounting holes 4
Position (o) 0
Pulley (mm) 70.0
Voltage 12

Alternative items


PSH Code Remark In stock

Product Applications


Make Model Build From Build until
HONDA Accord 1/2004 5/2008
HONDA Accord Estate/Wagon 11/2003 5/2008
HONDA Civic 9/2005 12/2011
HONDA CR-V 1/2005 9/2009
HONDA FR-V 6/2005 12/2009

Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
0986082050 Bosch ruil
1042104860 Denso
DAN984 Denso
DAN985 Denso
0210800010 Denso
0210801010 Denso
1042103911 Denso
31100RBDE01 Honda
31100RBDE02 Honda
31100RSRE01 Honda
CSC914E Honda
CSD86 Honda
CSD89 Honda
063377522010 Magneti Marelli
063377523010 Magneti Marelli
063731980010 Magneti Marelli
600000166460 Magneti Marelli
943319801010 Magneti Marelli
944390905090 Magneti Marelli
MAN7522 Magneti Marelli
MAN7523 Magneti Marelli
MQA1980 Magneti Marelli
MRA90509 Magneti Marelli
63377522 Magneti Marelli
RNL1042103911 RNL
RNL1042103911B RNL
RNL1042103911L RNL
RNL1042103911T RNL
RNL1042104860 RNL
RNL1042103911IN RNL
440551 Valeo
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