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Amperage 110
B+ M8
Free wheel pulley no
Grooves 8
Mounting holes 3
Position (o) 0
Pulley (mm) 62.0
Voltage 24

Alternative items


PSH Code Remark In stock
816.501.080 Alternator Volvo 80A In Stock
816.502.110 Alternator Volvo 110A Out of Stock
816.502.120 Alternator Volvo 120A Out of Stock
816.503.080 Alternator Volvo 80A Out of Stock

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Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
0124655008 Bosch
F042A01130 Bosch
1986A01033 Bosch
0124655092 Bosch
0124655499 Bosch
0124655833 Bosch
F042301175 Bosch
F042301130 Bosch
F042301174 Bosch
BX4629 Bosch
BX4744 Bosch
BX4935 Bosch
BX4936 Bosch
0986049360 Bosch ruil
0986047440 Bosch ruil
063536550080 Magneti Marelli
MAN2032 Magneti Marelli
MG802 Mahle
11209620 Mahle
72446709 Mahle
AAN5409 Mahle
IA9468 Mahle
MG1129 Mahle
860804GB Prestolite
860804 Prestolite
860804AM Prestolite
RNL655008 RNL
RNL655008P RNL
20849351 Volvo
3803640 Volvo
7420849351 Volvo
7421429786 Volvo
17204335 Volvo
2084935 Volvo
85000628 Volvo
85000629 Volvo
85021343 Volvo
85020820 Volvo
21429786 Volvo
85000257 Volvo
85000419 Volvo
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