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Amperage 65
B+ M8
Free wheel pulley no
Grooves 8
Mounting holes 2
Position (o) 0
Pulley (mm) 60.0
Voltage 12

Alternative items


PSH Code Remark In stock
635.004.095 Alternator Case 95A In Stock
635.005.055 Alternator Case 55A Out of Stock
635.005.075 Alternator John Deere 75A Out of Stock

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Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
9120060040 Bosch
0120488318 Bosch
F005A00023 Bosch
0120488293 Bosch
0120488285 Bosch
9120060044 Bosch
F00E100568 Bosch
0120488205 Bosch
0120489475 Bosch
0120489387 Bosch
AL5012N Bosch (USA)
AL9959X Bosch (USA)
0986040297 Bosch ruil
0986040290 Bosch ruil
A186125 Case
A181873 Case
A187873 Case
7T2876 Caterpillar
8C5535 Caterpillar
3E7295 Caterpillar
9W1903 Caterpillar
3E7285 Caterpillar
D700332 Daewoo
10120160 Ford
RE553516 John Deere
SE501387 John Deere
RE533516 John Deere
AT220393 John Deere
TY6799 John Deere
5991998 Liebherr
AAK1363 Mahle
IA0595 Mahle
11201935 Mahle
AAK3330 Mahle
AAK4539 Mahle
MG279 Mahle
72735278 Mahle
11201595 Mahle
72735478 Mahle
66021601 Prestolite
20110305 Prestolite
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