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B+ M8
No. mounting holes 2
Teeth 9
Position (o)
Power (kW)
Rotation CW
Spigot (mm) 760
Voltage 12

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Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
1713898 BMW
1720636 BMW
1720664 BMW
0001109009 Bosch
0001115035 Bosch
0001314001 Bosch
0001115034 Bosch
F002G70047 Bosch
0001117013 Bosch
SR5055X Bosch (USA)
SR95X Bosch (USA)
BX109009 Bosch (USA)
0986022500 Bosch ruil
0986019347 Bosch ruil
0986021767 Bosch ruil
1514890 Ford
MSN2030 Magneti Marelli
944280148900 Magneti Marelli
063521150350 Magneti Marelli
63521150 Magneti Marelli
MSR403 Magneti Marelli
1986S00762 RNL
726112 Valeo
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