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B+ M8
No. mounting holes 3
Teeth 9
Position (o)
Power (kW)
Rotation CW
Spigot (mm) 1098
Voltage 12

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PSH Code Remark In stock
500.011.093 Starter Fiat 2.4 kw Out of Stock

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Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
0001218174 Bosch
0001218774 Bosch
0001109344 Bosch
0001109345 Bosch
F042S02145 Bosch
F032US0043 Bosch
F042002145 Bosch
1986S00738 Bosch
BX218774 Bosch (USA)
0986017490 Bosch ruil
0986017491 Bosch ruil
5901408583 Fiat
SM2604 Honda
99451753 Iveco
42498678 Iveco
5801408583 Iveco
93828721 Iveco
2995140 Iveco
MSN2005 Magneti Marelli
MSR5068 Magneti Marelli
63721118 Magneti Marelli
443115142840 Magneton
MS13 Mahle
MS1088 Mahle
11139445 Mahle
AZE4144 Mahle
IS9438 Mahle
72735641 Mahle
35259930 Prestolite
RNL109344 RNL
0001109344S RNL
0001218174RB RNL
0001218174RT RNL
D7R61 Valeo
458192 Valeo
438169 Valeo
600909 Valeo
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