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Amperage 50
B+ M6
Free wheel pulley no
Grooves 2
Mounting holes 3
Position (o)
Pulley (mm) 82.0
Voltage 24

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Other original numbers


Originalnumber Manufacturer Parts
1812005300 Isuzu
1812005303 Isuzu
1812006037 Isuzu
1812006032 Isuzu
1812005304 Isuzu
1812006031 Isuzu
8983413950 Isuzu
1812006035 Isuzu
1812006036 Isuzu
1812005302 Isuzu
1812005307 Isuzu
1812005308 Isuzu
1812005901 Isuzu
1812005902 Isuzu
1812005903 Isuzu
1812005904 Isuzu
AT263669 John Deere
SE502076 John Deere
A004TU5486 Mitsubishi
A004TU6285A Mitsubishi
A4TU5485 Mitsubishi
A4TU5486 Mitsubishi
A4TU6285 Mitsubishi
A004TU6285 Mitsubishi
A004TU5485 Mitsubishi
A4TU9586 Mitsubishi
A004TU9586 Mitsubishi
A4TU9586AM Mitsubishi
A4TUF285AM Mitsubishi
A4TUG586AM Mitsubishi
A004TUG586 Mitsubishi
A4TUG586 Mitsubishi
A004TUG586AM Mitsubishi
A4TU9685 Mitsubishi
A004TU9685 Mitsubishi
A004TU9685AM Mitsubishi
A4TU9685AM Mitsubishi
A004TU5486A Mitsubishi
A004TU5486AM Mitsubishi
A004TU6285AM Mitsubishi
A4TU5486A Mitsubishi
A4TU5486AM Mitsubishi
A4TU6285A Mitsubishi
A4TU6285AM Mitsubishi
0620000040 Nikko
0620000090 Nikko
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